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Welcome Note

Mrs. Nadia Hafez

Nefertari Schools Chairperson

Dear Parents,

Thank you for entrusting the education of your child to NLS. In a world of constant change, it is more important than ever to prepare our young people for the challenges and opportunities they will face as 21st century adults. NLS seek to develop and inspire students who are articulate, knowledgeable, organized, compassionate, creative, responsible, and able to learn and adapt to new information, new technologies, new situations, and new people. As our world is becoming “smaller,” we seek to bring that world to our students with an informed appreciation of its diversity, depth, and almost limitless possibility. This is our mission, our passion, our labour of love, and our promise. We are eagerly looking forward to working with you to make this a great year for your child’s education and development.

Dear Student,

Welcome to NLS! If you are a new student, we extend an extra-special welcome to you. We are very happy to have you with us and hope you find your new school an interesting, challenging, and exciting place to be. You should know that our expectations for all students - new as well as returning - are high. Why? We believe in your potential as a student and as a human being. Potential, however, is only a beginning; to become the best that you can be requires hard work, self-discipline, organisation, and persistence. Working together, we can help you achieve your academic and personal goals. We cannot learn for you, but, if you are willing to work hard with us, there is no telling where your hopes and dreams may take you. We look forward to enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling year with you!

Nadia Hafez, NIS Chairperson