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Parent - Teacher Communication

The School believes in Home - School cooperation. Therefore there are different channels of communication between us.

1. Parent - Teacher Association

Parent representatives are elected in the month of October in each academic year. Each parent represents one stage. Those representatives attend meetings with the school board of directors, where they voice all parents' problems, worries and suggestions for School improvement. (Check School Calendar)

2. Parent – Teacher Meetings

A Parent - Teacher Meeting is held during each term, where parents come to school to discuss their children's progress with their subject teachers. (Check School Calendar)

3. The Channel – Planner

The Channel Copybook (for early primary classes) or Planner ( for upper primary through 1st secondary)serves as a messenger between Home and School, and a time organizer for older students. Students should record their homework, important data and events in this organizer. It can also serve as a diary for students.

4. Parent Visitation

If a parent or guardian wishes to visit the school to speak with a member of staff, an appointment must be made in advance. There are no exceptions and "dropping in" will serve no purpose. We appreciate understanding.( please check Circular no. 1 for more details)

5. Students Handbook

The Students Handbook serves as a contract between the school, the students and the parents who are asked to sign the acknowledgement form at the end of the book, as a witness.

6. School Announcement Circulars

A Circular is issued whenever there is an important message from the school to parents and students. However,Parents are requested to regularly check the school website for information and updates.


7. School Newsletters

A School Newsletter is usually published quarterly.

8. School Yearbook

A Yearbook is published at the end of each school year containing photographs for all students, staff, activities, athletic teams, all school events and occasions… it serves as a record of the school achievements throughout the year. Every student is encouraged to join the Yearbook Committee in addition to teachers.