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Nefertari International Schools Mission Statement:

The Nefertari International Schools aim to empower its students with challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment through using state of art technology. It also aims to develop in students the knowledge skills and attitudes from an international perspective and intercultural understanding while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians. It strives at educating the whole person who shall serve as a responsible, compassionate and well informed citizen. Nefertari International Schools provide skilled and committed teachers who apply recent teaching methodologies, and technology to subject areas. It strives to create a happy, motivated, friendly and supportive learning environment.


Nefertari International Schools Vision:

At Nefertari International Schools, NIS, we are committed to provide a supportive, happy and positive learning environment for all students to help them acquire the academic skills needed for further university education, in addition to implementing values and skills needed to become an active, balanced and compassionate citizen.

We are Striving For Excellence is the school Motto