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Y1-5 Term3 Exam Topics


Please find attached Term 3 Exam Topics for:


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Updated Year 1-9 Academic Calendar 2017-2018



Dear Parents and Students,


 Kindly note that the 2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting date has been updated. Please check the calendar of March.


   Please find updated calendar attached Year 1-9 Academic Calendar 2017-2018.

October 6th Branch, opened its doors


Please download the attachment to know more about October 6th Branch.

Bus 45 Track


Please find below Bus 45 Track :

              Bus 45 Track


 : خط سير السيارة رقم 45 من بداية الرحلة من المدرسة وحتى لحظة وقوع الحادثة  موضح بالرابط التالى


خط سير السيارة رقم 45

Y1-9 NEWSLETTER # 1 September, 2017



 Please find attached NEWSLETTER # 1 September, 2017