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School Facilities

The NBIS's new campus is highly equipped with various educational and sports facilities that help provide students with a well rounded experience.


Classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned and well lit. they are very well resourced with teaching material and computers. Class size is kept between 20 and 24 students, which enables individual attention to be given to the children as they learn. It also facilitates group and pair work, crucial to the successful execution of the curriculum.



The school has a well resourced library and media centre. The library plays a major role in our method of education. We are continually acquiring new and exciting books for our students.



All students have the opportunity to learn and work with computers. Which are located in all classrooms and the library in addition to the main computer labs. Internet access is also available as a reource for pupils and teachers.



Theatre and Assembly Hall

The theatre can seat up to 350 people and is fully equipped with laser light show and a contemporary sound system.


The school has multi-purpose Science labs for Chemistry, Biology and Phisics.

Music Room, Art Workshop and Playroom

NBIS has spacious music room, two art workshops and delihtful playroom. All rooms are furnished with the latest manipulative instruments and materials.

Sports and Fitness facilities

NBIS has a variety of courts for Basketball, Handball, Football and Volleyball. We also have gymnasium outfitted with different types of physical apparatuses.

Health Clinic

NBIS has a health clinic with a school physician on duty at all times.

School Canteen

Pizza, Sandwitches, juice and biscuits will be available in the school canteen.