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Parent - Teacher

Parent Orientation

At the beginning of the year the school organizes three separate parent orientation sessions for parents. One for the parents of K-5 students and the second for parents of 6-8 students and the third is for the parents of 9-12 students.

Performance Reports  

Performance reports are issued three times each term for students and parents to look at. Parents are requested to sign the reports and return them with the students to the grade level supervisor. Performance reports contain the attendance, quizzes, participation, and test marks of the students. At the end of the term a report card is issued for every student.



Parent-Teacher Meetings

There are three parent-teacher conferences during the school year. This is your opportunity to visit the school and meet the teachers who are working with your child in order to get a first-hand report on your child's progress, behavior, and status. We encourage you to come to as many conferences as you can.



The Channel – Planner

The Channel Copybook (for Elementary students) or Planner serves as a messenger between home and school. It can also double as an organizer for older students. Students should record their homework and important data and events in this Copybook. It can also serve as a diary for students.



Parental Visitation

If a parent or guardian wishes to visit the school for observation or to speak with a member of the staff, an appointment must be made in advance. Simply “dropping in” unannounced is too disruptive, as we hope you can understand.


Student-Parent Handbook

The Student-Parent Handbook contains a great amount of important information for parents and students. Subjects include rules and expectations, the school mission statement, school facilities, student organizations, and descriptions of all subjects offered at NAIS.


School Announcement Circulars

A circular is issued whenever there is an important message from the school to parents and students. All circulars should be read carefully and kept for your records.


School Newsletters

School Newsletters are usually published quarterly. They contain useful and interesting facts concerning recent events and announcements. They also give details on upcoming events and important dates.


School Year Book

A Year Book is published at the end of each school year containing photographs of students, staff, activities, athletic teams, and all school events and occasions. It serves as a pictorial record of the school's achievement for the year. Interested students are encouraged to join the Year Book Committee, which also includes teachers who help oversee the process and advise the students.